New to MCC?
Here's what you can expect

Our Sunday morning worship service begins at 10:25 AM and typically ends between 11:45 AM and noon. You will receive a friendly greeting when you arrive, but we will not pester you with questions or ask to provide personal information.

We do not have a dress code.  We are multi-generational and come from a variety of backgrounds. Some attendees will be dressed in jeans and t-shirts or motorcycle gear, others in “business casual” and you may even encounter the occasional tie and sport coat.

Our worship service is a blend of traditional and contemporary “styles.”  Service begins with contemporary praise music led by a band.  Services conclude with a hymn accompanied by a piano.  

Children join the congregation at the beginning of service for singing and prayer.  After a special children’s message, those 12 and younger are dismissed to attend age-appropriate classes.

The core of our worship is a biblically-based message from our pastor, but the service includes basic liturgical elements such as scriptural blessings, admonitions, assurances, and a benediction. Congregational responsive readings and recitation of the Apostles Creed are are also incorporated into the service from time to time.

After the service concludes, you are welcome to join us for coffee, light snacks, and fellowship.

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